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Body Bars (Soaps)

Body Bar

The Black Butter Body Bar from Afrikan Skincare is the ideal blend of natural and effective! It is a restorative solution that washes softly while hydrating dry, rough skin. These body bars maintain the skin's natural moisture while also protecting it from environmental aggressors. Its rich, aromatic lather will delight you and your senses. These body bars are handmade from all-natural ingredients that nourish your skin for up to 48 hours.

As a sustainable brand, our body bars are effective, environmental-friendly, and suited for dry skin types. We ensure that all of the ingredients utilized are of top quality and sourced from natural sources. The peculiarity of these body bars is that they are made free of parabens, phthalates, and pollutants.

It is one of the safest and gentlest body bars available, consisting entirely of organic ingredients and devoid of harsh chemicals. It softly rejuvenates and deep cleanses the skin, drawing impurities away. Its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties aid in the nourishment, healing, relaxing, and softening of dry skin.

These are affordable and travel-sized bars to fit every traveler’s need and pouch. It can get rid of all the sweat and dirt to make you feel fully fragrant and rejuvenated.

Black Butter Body Bar