Amazing Benefits of Calendula for Your Skin



We love watching a flower bloom in the garden or in the little pots we so hopefully plant inside our homes. But did you know that some of these flowers can be beneficial for your skin too? One such flower is called Calendula. Also known as Pot Marigold, this flower is widely used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. A Calendula flower has more benefits for your skin irrespective of its size. Read on to know more.

  1. Keeps your skin firm

With regular use, Calendula can help keep your skin tighter, and firmer. This makes your skin look more supple. Its various properties help you protect your skin's collagen and maintain elastin supply.

  1. It is anti-inflammatory

Inflammation can irritate your skin a lot. Inflammation causes various issues like breakouts, breakdown of collagen, rosacea, eczema, sensitivity. Calendula’s soothing effects can help calm down these inflammatory problems. Calendula’s properties come from an ample dose of flavonoids, saponins, and triterpenoids that it contains. These chemicals give calendula the ability to prevent the release of histamines. The same histamines cause pain, redness, allergies, and inflammation. And if you are prone to breakouts, calendula’s soothing nature will keep your skin moisturized and prevent it from drying out.

  1. Deep Moisturization

It is a known fact that a diet rich in essential fatty acids can keep your skin healthy. You can find these essential fatty acids like linoleic acid can be found in the calendula oil or extract. These acids help your skin absorb nutrients and retain water for a longer time. In simpler words, calendula oil or extract can lead to smoother, firmer and nourished skin.

  1. Increases collagen production

Calendula is a wonder ingredient when it comes to boosting collagen production. It also helps in cell turnover, by removing dead skin cells, and promoting new tissue generation. Also, the presence of an array of antioxidants in Calendula can stimulate the synthesis of collagen. This helps in reducing the signs of ageing like wrinkles, sagging, fine lines, and plumps up the skin, for a radiant and youthful look.

  1. Protects the skin from external components

Along with soothing your skin, flavonoids in Calendula make it a skin protector too. Flavonoids are strong antioxidant which helps protect your skin from free radical damage. These free radicals can cause premature ageing, dullness, and hyperpigmentation. Thanks to the flavonoids in Calendula, these free radicals are neutralized, leaving your skin glowing and healthy.

How to use Calendula?

There are numerous ways you can use Calendula. Calendula can be used on your skin as oil, extract or even a cleanser. Applying it directly to your skin will nourish your skin.

One such Calendula product that naturally boosts your overall skin health is Afrikan Skincare’s "Baby Skin" Gentle Calendula Cleanser Concocted with Calendula and other essential oils, this cleanser will skin issues with regular use.

Moreover, this cleanser comes in scented and unscented versions. The scented version has two added ingredients - 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil, and 100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil. Apply this gentle cleanser twice a week to get maximum benefits.

Calendula has been around for centuries. But the recent rage about Calendula has made it even more popular. With so many properties coming from a single flower, Calendula is here to stay. And you should harness its goodness as soon as you can!